New Tactical Meeting interface & bug fixes

September 28, 2013

Yesterday's update includes several bug fixes and a major change to the Tactical Meeting interface. Click here to watch a Youtube demo.

Highlights of the new meeting interface:

  • There is now a notification when a meeting is in progress and a visible Triage Issues button/tab so any Circle member or Admin can join the meeting from their own computer if it is already in progress. 

  • Anyone can type outputs and close the meeting, so if the Secretary leaves the meeting, anyone can take over from their own computer.

  • Click the Checklist, Metrics, Projects, and Triage Issues tab once in the meeting to navigate to the next step in the meeting process. The left blue sidebar lets you know where you are in the meeting process.

  • Type multiple draft outputs for each item, and then delete or save each of them.

  • Everyone can see when someone else types agenda items and outputs.

  • Edit previously saved outputs.

  • Anyone can capture their own agenda items and outputs, so you can help the Secretary.

This interface also makes it easier to click on the Roles tab or other governance information if you need to check Roles or Policies during a Tactical Meeting.

Contact us with any questions.