Role info in the org chart and more!

January 16, 2014

There is role data in the org chart, which will is informative when you are clicking and zooming in to see what roles are in a circle. 

  • Mouse over a role to see the name (if you can't see it when zoomed in)
  • When you zoom to a role, you can see the role definition (it scrolls if there are a lot of accountabilities) and the Gravatar of the person who fills the role. 
  • When you click on the role name or anything that is referenced/linked to in the role (like another role), then you are directed to that page in GlassFrog
  • There is an icon above the picture if there are role notes/information


In addition to several bug fixes, other new features from the last release are: 

  • Drop down menus in the navigation bar for My Roles and My Circles to make it easier for users to get to those pages faster. Mouse over My Circles and My Roles in the blue navigation bar to access the menus. (See screenshot below.)
  • Meetings will close automatically after 16 hours so that circle members will then receive the meeting email